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Adopting DevSecOps

What is DevSecOps? DevSecOps refers to integrating security objectives as early as possible in a DevOps software delivery

EKS, OIDC, Users Hands-on

If you are or your company is using an OIDC compliant Identity Provider (which is common nowadays) you can continue using that same

Low-Code, No-Code & DevOps.

Over the years uptake of low code and no code has been relatively slow with the work of software development solely left to professional coders. ...

DevOps Tools in AWS.

Today, let’s look at some of the DevOps tools provided by AWS to its customers to build and deploy software in the cloud. These tools

AWS Well Architected Framework.

Thinking of getting started with AWS cloud computing or migrating your existing workloads to AWS? Here is a quick guide on how the 5 pillars ...

The Future Of DevOps

With the rising adoption of cloud technologies in the world, Devops has been key in enhancing efficiencies in development and operations. Studies show that the ...

Gitlab Runner on AWS

Gitlab Ci is gaining traction both the Hosted and Cloud-Hosted version because it is tackling one of the "DevOps" challenges, nr of tools used across ...

AWS Security Intro – 4. Data

At Boldlink, when it comes to Data, we understand that misconfigurations can expose your data to be exposed or exploited against our customers. But if ...