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Category: AWS

Gitlab Runner on AWS

Gitlab Ci is gaining traction both the Hosted and Cloud-Hosted version because it is tackling one of the “DevOps” challenges, nr of tools used across the different Software Development teams

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AWS Security Intro – 4. Data

At Boldlink, when it comes to Data, we understand that misconfigurations can expose your data to be exposed or exploited against our customers. But if guided in the correct way

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AWS Security Intro – 3. Network

Our teams at Boldlink have Architected and Engineered many different network configurations delivering security, high availability, connectivity, and scalability. Let us break down the most common setups for a cloud-native

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AWS Security Intro – 1. Access

Getting security wrong on your AWS Organisations and Accounts is one of the biggest mistakes organisations regret, it cut Revenue; Reputation or kill the Business or the Business Unit.  Everyone

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AWS Intro – 3. Security

When you are building a platform hosted on a Public Cloud provider (Public being the operative word), Security must be at the forefront of your focus. Getting this wrong will

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