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On all Greenfield projects, the platform building will get stuck and blocked by the application development, and the same is true in the opposite direction. We at Boldlink understand that this pace difference should not be a challenge for our customers.

When building an end to end platform across different environments, we are breaking the regular MVP/Greenfield cycle order and most often than not, the platform must be ready before the API Application or Service is.

We have quite a few “pieces” to put together before the applications are deployed, and if you get the wrong order, you will be blocked.

For example, you can’t start using SSL/TLS on your AWS Load Balancer without implementing DNS and Setting up your domain or the proper VPC configuration.

The solution, we have built this small RestAPI we can use to simulate a real API and continue with the environment setup steps to a point when a final service or API is ready, and we have a little configuration to change.

This way, independently of the development progress or maturity of the Development Cycle DevOps and Platform teams can:

  1. Create a standard application on Docker, which once you have the image, you can deploy on AWS ECS, EKS or others.
  2. Test the Load Balancer configuration with an API endpoint and health endpoint.
  3. Proof test the platform MVP and ensure all components are ready.
  4. Build the pipeline and deploy it to all environments.

This application is developed on Python 3.x, we will add additional languages soon and continuously improve it. Check this repo.

At this phase, the deployment guide is very much coded for Kubernetes. It is in our TODO to add additional Deployments with instructions.

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