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EC2 Right Sizing

Each year AWS re: invent brings more and more services and upgrades, yet the basic rules of creating scalable, fault-tolerant architecture are still the same. ...

Chaos Engineering

One of the defining features which make creating infrastructure in the cloud is resilience. The ability to create fault-tolerant structures which can stand the test ...

IaC Security and Compliance Tools

IaC scanning tools are crucial to engineering your platform's code securely and following your organization's compliance and best practices by creating and enforcing the rules, ...

New AWS Inspector

AWS Inspector has been re-launched with a new version that allows the integration with more AWS services and AWS Marketplace integrations than before. With ...

Your EBS Perfect Volume

It achieves this by providing volumes that are mounted as disks on EC2 instances for onward usage with frequently changing data

What is Amazon DocumentDB?

Amazon DocumentDB Release Date: January 2019 What is Amazon DocumentDB? Amazon DocumentDB is a managed proprietary NoSQL database service that supports document data structures and ...

How Containers Boost DevOps.

Containers have become one of the key technologies associated with DevOps in the past few years. This is in a bid to improve on static...

Adopting DevSecOps

What is DevSecOps? DevSecOps refers to integrating security objectives as early as possible in a DevOps software delivery

EKS, OIDC, Users Hands-on

If you are or your company is using an OIDC compliant Identity Provider (which is common nowadays) you can continue using that same